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Our trainers are the best in their fields. They train new and existing analysts, detectives, digital media investigators and radio frequency survey technicians for the majority of the UK’s police forces. As a learning organisation, we are constantly gaining knowledge and insights from the people we train and we feed that back into our courses and solutions to keep them fresh.

Many of our courses are City & Guilds accredited, and all are test-based qualifications, ensuring their independence and robustness when challenged in court.

Courses are delivered as a combination of practical and theory, resulting in a solid understanding of the subject matter as well as hands-on experience.

They are available virtually or in-person, and we also offer one-to-one mentoring sessions.


Our Recommended Training Pathway 

Our CSAS V3 Recommended Training Pathway features the new CSAS V3 Lite e-learning package – a high-level introduction to the solution for all users – before progressing to the City & Guilds accredited CSAS V3 New User Essentials, a self-paced online course and the two-day Investigate with CSAS V3 delivered live online by one of our expert trainers.

This is a comprehensive training pathway which really delivers, our V3 training offers blended learning which allows you to work at your own pace while really getting to grips with CSAS and all the features it has to offer. We challenge even the most experienced user not to learn something new about CSAS from these new courses.

The recommended training pathway for CSAS V3: Recommended pre-requisites: CDR Processing, Next Generation Comms Data Analysis, Interpreting GPRS Billing Workshop CSAS Courses: CSAS V3 Lite followed by an Introduction to Call Detail Records and An Introduction to Cellular Networks, followed by CSASV3 New User Essentials and then finally Investigate with CSAS V3.

Investigate with CSAS

The brand new Investigate with CSAS course focuses on scenario-based learning to demonstrate how the use of CSAS can inform effective decision making and drive investigations forward, helping the User develop the practical skills and confidence to conduct effective investigations.

Throughout, learners are given a safe environment to practice using the software and apply their skills in a range of simulated cases.

The Recommended Pathway is underpinned by three of our highly rated Communications Data courses CDR Processing and Interpretation, Next Generation Comms Data Analysis and Interpreting GPRS Billing workshop.

When time is of the essence

We know that some of our customers are only occasional users of CSAS, so we have developed our Basic Pathway for those who are unable to undertake the Recommended Pathway.

This comprises four e-learning courses, allowing the User to complete the training at their own pace while developing a foundational knowledge of how to use CSAS to support their investigations.

The Basic Pathway for CSAS V3: CSAS V3 Lite followed by An Introduction to Call Detail Records and An Introduction to Cellular Networks, followed by CSAS V3 New User Essentials

Take a deep dive into CSAS V3

For heavy users of CSAS we have a new-look Advanced which adds the CSAS V3 Advanced User Course to our recommended pathway. Developed by former Analysts, this course will provide detailed insights in the deeper functionality of CSAS while continuing to use scenario-based learning to give you real-world experience.


City & Guilds Accredited

With many of the courses carrying City & Guilds accreditation, providing an externally recognised qualification, the content of the courses is also designed to support the technical knowledge and competence requirements specified for cell site analysis for geo-location in the Forensic Science Regulator (FSR) Code of Practice.

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The role of the criminal intelligence analyst is essential to effective strategic and operational policing. Our range of new and relevant analysis training courses are designed and delivered by highly experienced intelligence analysts and designed to assist and enhance your analysis, be it for investigative success, or effective strategic management.
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Communications Data
Call Detail Records (CDRs) are at the core of comms data analysis. Our training courses help analysts and investigators to understand the meaning behind the CDR records so they can piece together the events they show and better understand how this data can support their investigations.
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Forensic RF
Forensic Radio Frequency Propagation Surveys (RFPS) add empirical evidence of the coverage from cells used by subject phones in a case. Our RF survey courses range from simple overview sessions to week-long, City & Guilds-accredited programmes, backed by our best-selling book Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis.
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CSAS and CDAN Nexus are Forensic Analytics’ industry leading software solutions. Our training courses in both applications provide detailed instruction in the use of the tools. Course options range from introductory to advanced, and help users explore more features of CSAS than can be covered in initial sessions to further develop their knowledge. Completion of CSAS or CDAN training results in certified user status for these tools.
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