While CSAS gives a strong and reasonable perspective on where a cell could provide coverage, CellView™ takes that cell visualisation one step further, with speed and detail being its standout assets.

Thanks to widgets on common smartphone apps which send continuous updates on the time, current GPS fix and cell that a phone is using, CellView™ can compile and interrogate this location data and put it into a database for CSAS users who can view the information in seconds. The result is a more precise, real-world visualisation of coverage area and the repercussions are profound – particularly in situations where time is of the essence.

Time-critical intelligence

CellView™ is triggered from within a CSAS map, so instant crowd-sourced data can be shown alongside other factors, like mast location and details of calls made via that mast. CellView’s™ findings overlaid on the map give an immediate and much richer view of a cell coverage area. In missing persons, kidnapping and hostage scenarios, this rapid intelligence is invaluable: you can get people to the right area quickly and the chances of a positive outcome are increased significantly.

Accuracy without the cost

To see this level of cell coverage detail would normally require a full RF coverage survey. That can take hours or days to arrange and it can be costly (the price of an annual CellView™ licence could equate to the cost of just a handful of physical surveys).

Non-evidential but pivotal

CellView™ is offered as an ‘intel only’ capability, not a replacement for an RF survey. We receive the minimum amount of data for us to draw the outline around the measured coverage area, so it is not provable or testable. However, CellView™ is pivotal in ensuring the effective use of your resources in time-critical cases, as a sanity check in historical cases to determine whether a full RFPS is required, and a key planning tool for RF surveyors who are prioritising upcoming surveys.

Top features

A simple add-on to CSAS

Takes minutes to set up and a more comprehensive view of cell coverage data is there in seconds

Filtered results

Data coverage and analysis can be filtered by date and sources and users can adapt their view

Sanity check and survey planning

A sanity check in historical cases and a triage tool for RF surveyors prioritising upcoming surveys

Flexible visualisation

Works with cell data from all mobile network operators and visualisation is possible with or without call data

Cross-border intelligence

Global crowd-sourced data allows for previously impossible cross-border data analysis

Real-world location coverage

Immediate intel with data based on each phone’s actual location and the cell currently being used