Our forensic radio frequency analysis service provides a total solution for surveying and interpreting cell site coverage. We combine hardware, software and extreme expertise in forensic data analysis to ensure you can obtain, understand and implement the data recovered from surveillance to secure robust, reliable prosecutions.

Our Cell Site Analysis service allows your forces to tap into the deep expertise of our team as data analysts and expert witnesses. Our team has been embedded in the forces and as telecommunications engineers for many years and we are passionate about using our know-how for social service. Our Cell Site Analysis team can help you source, understand and communicate the data to evidential standard and, with decades of experience in the courtroom, we can take to the stand to deliver it convincingly.

LIMA is an easy-to-use piece of Radio Frequency surveying hardware, built specifically for Law Enforcement evidential scanning and used to record cellular coverage areas.

With a simple set up, just pop it in a rucksack and go. Lima is weatherproof, shockproof, has no moving parts and fits within a standard daysack weighing 4.7Kg.

Our Covert Wifi hardware helps you to tap into localised Wifi networks to extract, transmit and use highly-specific, case-critical data for investigations.

I am very impressed with the ethics and ethos of Forensic analytics whom for a private company do seem to have that passionate desire to improve outcomes for victims and lessen the threat to communities by equipping law enforcement with the most update technology.

Detective Superintendent, Head of Serious and Organised Crime

Programme Precision, West Yorkshire Police

Thanks for your help with the new pivot filter query It works perfectly now. You have saved me hours if not days of fiddly work, brilliant.


Metropolitan Police

The response time is great with staff easy to communicate with. Any issues that I have come across have been quickly resolved.


North Yorkshire Police

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