Our modular strategic solution CDAN Nexus helps law enforcement agencies in a number of ways. It finds information about data that is already held to reveal the full scope of criminal activity stretching across geography and time. CDAN Nexus offers a scalable multi-function search engine which provides automated data cleansing, reporting, indexing and search of big data. This is ideal for investigators or analysts requiring immediate intel from forward-facing or historic retained data silos.

The Nexus ‘indexer’ creates a searchable database of numbers, names, text, cells and icons harvested from Call Detail Records (CDR), ANPR, RF Survey data, handset download data and other data sets to facilitate force-wide or national searches of the data, for common identifiers and attributions.

Designed by experts

The heart of CDAN Nexus is its data processing capability, which was designed by digital forensics data experts and has been refined over many years by hundreds of experienced forensics professionals.

CDAN Nexus offers outstanding levels of accuracy to an evidential standard and provides forensic reports and other outputs that you can rely on.


CDAN Nexus is a server-based product that is accessed via a browser, allowing any authorised user within a secure network environment to access its services. Administrators have granular control over the set of features made available to each user, allowing data for different teams, different levels of sensitivity and from different types of investigation to be securely and efficiently stored within one shared system.

Use it or lose it

CDAN Nexus unlocks stores of lawfully acquired data and allows investigators to make links between identifiers and incidents that may have remained hidden if the data hadn’t been set free. It provides the opportunity to investigate vast historical data sets at speed to uncover patterns of criminal activity, support ongoing investigations and help solve outstanding cases, preventing missed investigative opportunities of these overlooked data stores.

Top features

Indexed view

Provides an indexed view of all applicable data held by an organisation


Blindingly fast, accurate data processing

Search data

Search across multiple data sets, set watchlists and add alerts and notifications


Integrated mapping for instant data visualisation


Multi-level security enforces data sharing policies between teams

Industry leading

Industry-leading security and data segmentation