Our consultancy services are provided by a team of experts in the field of digital forensics, with hands-on expertise in helping you align technology needs with business goals.

Our project and program management experts can assure a smooth implementation of the recommended changes, and lead you through a successful transformation.

If you would like to develop your digital forensic capabilities supporting services and infrastructure, we can help.

Our team have worked in many areas of engineering and forensic activity and can use this experience to offer bespoke advice, solutions and training to meet your requirements.

Meet our Consultants:

Joseph Hoy

Joe is a highly respected digital forensics expert and author with over 33 years’ experience in telecoms engineering, training, and cell site analysis. Joe’s background covers all technical aspects of the telecoms sector. 

Due to Joes solid technical background in telecoms engineering, for many years Joe was called upon as an expert witness in courts throughout the UK. His expertise has also been called upon by government committees considering the role of Cell Site Analysis.

Since Forensic Analytics inception Joe has gone on to write many training programs that enables law enforcement agencies to deepen their understanding an application of cell site data analysis. He has also authored a book that is used by the FBI in training – ‘Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis’. 

Joe now acts as Product Lifecycle Director at Forensic Analytics and has turned his considerable talents to strengthening our software solutions. In addition, Joe also creates bespoke solutions at our clients request that enable deeper understanding of complex data sets. 

Martin Griffiths image 2
Martin Griffiths

Martin is an expert in telecoms engineering who’s foundational knowledge base was gained in the Royal Air Force as an Air Communications Engineer. He then went on to expand his expertise in a variety of technical roles all focussed within telecoms fields.

While conducting his role as a hands on telecoms engineer, Martin also turned his hand to training. Martin’s turn as a training was in the UK and abroad. He trained in variety of topics including  generic technology/sales training, product training and “hands on” technical training to a broad range of individuals, from R&D engineers to admin personnel.

For 13 years Martin has and still does excel as an expert witness. His services are called upon by the prosecution and defence. His definitive skill as an expert witness is unparalleled in the UK.

In addition to his expert witness work, Martin focusses his efforts into drawing the focus of Law Enforcement Agencies to the importance of having a robust cell site practice embedded in the practice in all aspects – RF surveys, reporting, equipment and training.

Will-Profile_Pic_1_Low_Res copy
Will Metters

Will is widely recognised as a leading light on Telecoms and Communications data understanding and applications for UK law enforcement. Will’s appointment has increased Forensic Analytics value and depth in digital forensic expertise.  

Will’s plaudits in the digital forensic space include working as the Technical Lead for the NPPC and National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Data Communications Group (DCG) Futures Team whose remit involved the researching, testing and reporting on new and emerging communications technologies. He has extensive experience of specialist products such as encrypted communication platforms, call spoofing techniques, and stealth phones.   

Will’s previous roles as Intelligence Analyst, Communications Data Investigator / Single Point of Contact (SPoC), and DCG Futures Technical Lead have led to him as being considered by many in the Law Enforcement community as being one of the primary “go to” people when they encounter complex or unusual telecommunications problems. 

Will is uniquely placed through his experience to help Forensic Analytics clients reveal solutions to complex communication data queries. 

Mick Atkinson image
Mick Atkinson

Mick is a hugely experienced former senior police officer who for the past eight years has been the National Policing Communications Data Capabilities Coordinator and led for National Policing on the implementation of the Investigatory Powers Act.

Mick’s background as a highly experienced senior investigating officer combined with his knowledge around digital investigations and having been a key influencer, can provide clients with additional leadership to assist in the development and delivery of strategic programmes.

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