Call Obfuscation Techniques

  • 1 day
  • Trainers:
    Paul Kilby
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This course has been designed to improve knowledge of call obfuscation techniques by providing a through an understanding of the underpinning theory of the techniques used to conceal communications and the practice of analysing the resulting data. Instruction is given on the definition of call obfuscation, the different types, and their use within different levels of criminality. An emphasis is placed on CLI (Calling Line Identity) spoofing, call spoofing SIM cards (Cloud 9), IMEI tumbling, VOIP services and encrypted devices (encrochat) with specific attention to the attributes and characteristics of the associated call detail records (CDRs), identifying spoofed numbers and any opportunities for identifying the true number.

The theory is supported by exercises that offer practical experience of the concepts and techniques required to interpret the CDRs.

This course has been developed and is delivered by telecommunication experts and former Intelligence Analysts with practical experience of communications data and interrogating CDRs generated by the aforementioned call obfuscation techniques.

Accredited by City & Guilds: Passing this course offers an externally recognised qualification.


• Existing experience of Microsoft Excel.
• CDR Processing and Interpretation FA215 and
• Next Generation Comms Data Analysis FA217 or
• Equivalent experience of CDR processing, interpretation, and analysis.

Note: Delegates will be unable to complete this course without the above pre-requisites.