CSAS Desktop: Fair Usage Policy

CSAS Desktop is designed to be used as a personal data processing application, deployed to a host computer for the use of an individual communications analyst.

It is not designed to be used as a centralised utility deployed to process data for multiple analysts.

To this end, each licensed copy of CSAS Desktop is subject to a fair usage policy, which imposes an upper limit on the number of Call Data Record (CDR) files that can be processed by each copy of CSAS Desktop in each calendar month (or on the total number of files that can be processed during a licenced calendar year).

Details of the upper limit to be applied in each case are outlined in our Software Licensing agreement, in which the Customer agrees to abide by those fair usage limits.

In relation to this data processing fair usage policy, each copy of CSAS Desktop will collate usage statistics, which will be communicated to Forensic Analytics at various times during the licence period. These statistics will consist of details of the total numbers of CDR files processed in each calendar month during the period being reported on but will not contain details of the contents of those files.

Copies of the usage reports that relate to a specific customer or copy, either generic or specific, can be provided to that customer on request.

Failure of the Customer to comply with the terms of this fair usage policy may, at our discretion, be taken into account when the Licence is due for renewal.

Actions taken by us may include imposing additional usage statistics reporting requirements on the Customer; or may result in us applying an uplift to the fee charged for the new licence period; or may result in us declining to renew the licence for a further licence period.

In signing the Software Licence agreement, the Customer agrees that they have noted that action may be taken by us in the event that the stated fair usage policy limit is exceeded.

Qualio POL-63 V1.0