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Our Story

Forensic Analytics was founded in 2013 by Joe Hoy, Martin Griffiths and Andrew Hausler.

The origin story of Forensic Analytics starts with Joe and Martin, both of whom are Expert Witnesses in the field of Cell Site Analysis.  Their experience combines to over sixty years in the fields of Fixed & Cellular telecoms, RF and Data Communications engineering. It was through their shared experiences as expert witnesses, many late nights and unrealistic deadlines, manually processing Communications Data (billing records) to an evidential standard, that they identified a need to automate these processes.  In support of their then concept they saw an increasing trend towards the reliance on and relevance of mobile phone evidence in criminal investigations. 

Andrew Hausler joined Joe and Martin to add his technical expertise to the creation what we now call CSAS (Cell Site Analysis Suite). CSAS has gone on to transform the way in which Cell Site Analysis is undertaken by Law Enforcement.  With the aid of CSAS, users are able to produce a narrative from complex and nuanced data to determine the who, where, what, when, why of an investigation.  Cell Site Analysis is no longer an esoteric element of an investigation. 

Through Joe, Martin and Andrew’s dedication to supporting Law Enforcement Agencies, seven years later Forensic Analytics delivers market leading technology deployed in 33 police forces. We dominate our niche and we are a profitable organisation, who are relied upon to continue to innovate, so that we may develop solutions which continue to serve society.


Who and how Forensic Analytics helps, has increased in scope over the last seven years too. We have focused on growing the breadth and depth of knowledge and capability of our team in Digital Forensics, so we are better placed to help our clients with an increasing need in this space.

The team has grown from the initial 3 to 32. Forensic Analytics proudly retains the services of a number of experts, in a variety of specialisms under the banner of Digital Forensics.  This expertise is spread over our service offerings: Training, Consultancy and Cell Site and our product offerings: CSAS, CDAN Nexus and Integrated Intelligence.

The combination of our products and services cater to a wider audience, and offer a comprehensive set of solutions that can be tailored by clients, to exploit and maximise their own capability in their practice of digital forensics. 

Our solutions benefit the practitioners – analysts, investigators, the crown prosecution service, barristers, solicitors and defendants.  In addition, our solutions support those helping behind the scenes in investigations – namely IT departments, RF practitioners and trainers.

Product Lifecycle Director Joseph Hoy, writes a regular blog on key issues and developments in cell site analysis and has published an industry-leading book, Forensic Radio Survey Techniques for Cell Site Analysis. This comprehensive reference manual is essential reading for anyone working in this field.

One of the best books I’ve ever held in my hands"

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