Our Story

Our team is drawn from a background of policing, communications, engineering and the military. We launched in 2013 with the expertise of three highly-committed technicians and a mission to improve the efficiency of forensic analysis. Today we’re relied upon by 37 out of 45 police forces in the UK to deliver mission-critical solutions that augment law enforcement strategies. We’ve trained thousands of police intelligence analysts and we’re constantly innovating to stay one step ahead of the creativity of criminals.  

Our Mission

Forensic Analytics are driven by a desire to create a safer, more secure society. We’re committed to supporting law enforcement by providing expert technical solutions and training. Our deep expertise means we’re best placed to tap into the opportunities that data provides law enforcement and work with forces to tackle the burgeoning challenge of cyber crime.

Our Vision

The same patterns of criminal activity seen in the UK are evident throughout the world and our passion for supporting the fight against crime doesn’t end at the UK border. We are already working with the International Criminal Court in the Hague and with the Crown Protectorates in the Caribbean. Our ambition is to share the power of our technology and expertise with any nation where human rights is a fundamental pillar of their constitution.

Our Values

Integrity, passion and commitment underpin everything that we do at Forensic Analytics. We care deeply about the impact that our services have on society and are passionate about helping our clients get results they can be confident in, through our innovative, robust and reliable products and our supporting services. We’re deeply committed to our team and to our clients. We invest in our people, because their expertise is what makes us a trusted partner in fighting and preventing crime.

Our Team

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