Our Story

Our team is drawn from a background of policing, telecoms, cellular and RF engineering and the military. We launched in 2013 with the expertise of three highly-committed engineers and expert witnesses, charged with a mission to improve the efficiency of forensic analysis, from crime scene to courtroom. 

Today, we are the leading provider of innovative software solutions in the fight against crime. We have a covenant with law enforcement that underpins everything Forensic Analytics does. We’re relied upon by 43 out of 45 police forces in the UK to deliver critical solutions that transform the speed and efficiency of investigations, live cases and prosecutions. 

We’ve trained thousands of police investigators and Intelligence Analysts, and our clients depend on us for evidential excellence when it comes to forensic reports and outputs they can feel confident in. It is a relationship built on trust and integrity, and we’re constantly innovating to deliver advanced expertise and capabilities to stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing digital ingenuity of criminals.

Our Values

Integrity and commitment are evident in all of our solutions and services. We care deeply about the impact we have on society and we are passionate about helping our customers get results they can be confident in. We are constantly investing in our people because their expertise and ability to adapt is what makes our reputation among law enforcement agencies so well respected.

Our Vision

According to research from the NPCC and the Association of Police and Crime Comissioners, it is estimated that more than 90% of reported crime now has a digital element. Our vision is to be able to tackle and pre-empt crimes involving digital forensics all across the UK and well beyond its borders. In this digital age, there should be no limits on sharing ways to prevent crime, and we are working to deliver our technology and expertise to any nation where human rights are valued.

Our Team

Our Forensic Analytics team are true experts in their fields. Many have had careers in law enforcement analysis and investigation, technology and communications, engineering and software development. Our skillsets are varied but our dedication to being at the cutting edge of digital forensic investigations is shared.

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