Quality Policy

Purpose and scope

To define the Quality Policy for Forensic Analytics Ltd.

Target Audience

Customers, stakeholders, staff and other interested parties.

Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

QCMS: Quality and Compliance Management System


It is the responsibility of the Quality and Compliance team to annually review the Quality Policy and to seek endorsement and authorisation from Forensic Analytics’ Chief Executive.


Forensic Analytics provides digital forensic software, equipment, support, training as well as consultancy and advisory services to public and private sector organisations.

Forensic Analytics will strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of its work and this policy supports delivery of Forensic Analytics’ objectives, products and services. A formal Quality and Compliance Management System (QCMS) defined by relevant legislation, regulation, standards, policies, and processes to meet requirements of customers, stakeholders, staff and other interested parties is in operation. It is through consistent and diligent application of the system that the continuing needs and expectations of customers will be met, improved and the long-term success of Forensic Analytics assured.

Forensic Analytics are committed to high standards of integrity and respect and will ensure:

  • Requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certifications are constantly achieved.
  • Customer requirements are fully understood and met.
  • Activity is progressed for compliance with the UK Forensic Science Regulator’s Statutory Code of Practice.
  • Validation and activity to achieve ISO 17020 and ISO 17025 accreditations through UKAS for relevant Forensic Science activities is progressed.
  • Absolute clarity is provided on accreditation, certification, and Code of Practice compliance.

The objectives of the Forensic Analytics’ QCMS are to:

  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, standards, policies, and processes.
  • Meet customer expectations and continually aim to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure resources are fit for purpose and meet requirements.
  • Ensure full traceability in all activity undertaken.
  • Ensure work is completed competently, professionally and in alignment with required and attained standards through ensuring staff have the right expertise and demonstrable competence, are in receipt of appropriate training and have the opportunity for continual professional development.
  • Enable the working together with our external providers, including suppliers and sub-contractors, to procure products and services from approved sources that meet our criteria.
  • Monitor subcontractors and suppliers to ensure quality standards are not jeopardised.
  • Use internal audits and other checks to ensure the QCMS continues to comply with requirements, to ensure problems are investigated promptly, the root cause established, and effective action taken to prevent a recurrence.
  • Continually improve and increase the effectiveness of the QCMS, our products and services.
  • Maintain integrity of the QCMS when changes to the system are implemented.
  • Look for improvements in our communications, procedures, and facilities to improve organisation and workflow.

Forensic Analytics ensure employees, contractors and consultants working for or on behalf of the organisation commit to required confidentiality, continuous improvement, policy, procedures and quality standards. The Quality Policy is communicated and applied at all levels within the company. It is made available upon request to any interested parties and is published on the company website.

Forensic Analytics demonstrates the effectiveness of the QCMS by conformance with certification to the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

This Quality Policy is authorised by Steve Rick, Chief Executive of Forensic Analytics and is subject to regular review to ensure that it remains fit for purpose.


Qualio POL-1 V2.0