(Cell Site Analysis Suite)

CSAS has transformed the way in which Cell Site Analysis is undertaken by Law Enforcement Agencies and expert witnesses in the private sector.  Cell Site Analysis uses cellular billing records to plot the movements of a mobile device, determine who is communicating with whom and from where.

CSAS provides data exploitation at speed and scale for multiple data sets.  CSAS will cleanse, de-duplicate and normalise data sets, enabling them to be organised and ordered chronologically, to be analysed, mapped and to allow the creation of evidential reports for court. 

CSAS has and continues to evolve quickly, to accommodate new and evolving digital technologies used by perpetrators of crime and present the outputs, to an evidential quality required by the courts. Recent case studies include the analysis of ENCROchat data and solutions, for county lines investigations.

identifies locations

CSAS helps users to document the narrative data and reveal through schedules, maps and analytics a fully fleshed out hypothesis. CSAS does this by providing a user with the broad array of analytical tools and queries, so that a user can model the data in way that they choose.  In addition, it is possible to integrate with Radio Survey data to more accurately identify possible handset locations at key times and attempt to be more specific about where a handset or vehicle may have been.

Full audit trail

CSAS creates a full audit trail, and because of the diligence to data processing quality, it has never been successfully challenged in court.  Evidential provenance is fundamental, and we exploit our engineering skills to ensure that any data processed by CSAS defines the standard for evidential comms data processing.

Flexible deployment options

CSAS can be used in multiple environments – meaning our software has flexible deployment options, depending on the needs and access requirements of the user.  Currently CSAS can be consumed on a stand-alone device, networked, virtualised or in a cloud environment.

CSAS is a fast solution and trusted by many police forces including the MET Police, Kent and Essex Police and the NCA. 

Additionally, we provide the only software utilised by expert witnesses in the private sector, who support both law enforcement investigations, prosecutions and the legal profession representing the defence.

This is an investigator from Kent providing his view on CSAS:

‘Using CSAS is an expectation now in all major enquiries to allow officers to make sense of the large amount of data obtained from call records, it informs SIOs when setting out lines of enquiry, it is vital for time critical enquiries such as kidnaps and allows teams to cut through masses of information and extract what is needed quickly.’

The availability of CSAS for investigations is now a business critical dependency for law enforcement in the UK. The reliance that LEAs place upon CSAS is based upon agile disruptive software technology, aligned with innovative thinking & subject matter expertise.


CSAS (Cell Site Analysis Software) is a product of Forensic Analytics Ltd of the UK, and all source code has been developed and is stored in-house.

Cell Site Analysis seeks to determine where a mobile device could have been located when particular calls, text or data transactions were made. It is a vital investigative technique and is used extensively by both the prosecution and defence in cases that relate to serious crimes, and by intelligence/investigative agencies to combat crime syndicates, terrorist organisations and smuggling rings.

CSAS is designed to process, query, present and output mobile phone call records and other forms of communications data. This powerful software recognises and cleanses over 155 different Call Data Record (CDR) formats, at a rate of around 1,000 calls per second.

CSAS is evidential, with a full audit log and a unique ‘visual parser’ to explain exactly how the data has been processed, providing full transparency and peace of mind for users.

CSAS can process the following data formats:

Features and Benefits

Key features

Key benefits


Hundreds of licences deployed and over 73% of UK law enforcement agencies served

Market leader in the UK and exclusive supplier to the London Metropolitan Police Service

Hundreds of cases in which CSAS reports have contributed to successful prosecution between June 2019 and June 2020

CSAS is a vital tool in managing ongoing criminal incidents (homicide, rape, serious and organised crime, human trafficking, terrorist threat etc.) every day