Our tactical solution Cell Site Analysis Suite simplifies and visualises complex data sets in a matter of minutes, saving crucial time during investigations and providing fast access to data insights.  CSAS helps you to pinpoint the most relevant data from cell site records and rapidly analyse it to find patterns. De-duplicate and normalise vast data sets from cellular billing records in seconds and reveal, through schedules, maps and analytics, a fully fleshed out hypothesis with a full audit trail.

Designed by experts

The heart of CSAS is its data processing capability, which was designed by digital forensics data experts and has been refined over many years by input from hundreds of experienced forensics professionals. CSAS offers outstanding levels of accuracy to an evidential standard and provides forensic reports and outputs that you can rely on.

Driving efficiency

CSAS automates the detailed, repetitive and data-intensive aspects of digital forensics data processing. This frees users up for tasks that require experience, intuition and case knowledge, allowing them to look deeper into their data and respond faster to more cases.


CSAS can be deployed for a single user or as a networked solution for hundreds. It’s compact enough to run on a standard laptop, but powerful enough to crunch all the data you can throw at it. CSAS can be hosted by users or by us, deployed on physical PCs and servers on premises, in the cloud or a combination; with all of them connected to the same core services.

Top Features


Blindingly fast, accurate data processing


Powerful analytics queries allow users to look deeper

Time Saving

Automated creation of exhibits saving users valuable time


Integrated mapping for instant data visualisation

Open Source

Visualise cell coverage from RF Surveys or crowd-sourced data


Available as standalone or networked, on-prem or in the cloud

CSAS is very user friendly and easy to use. It is excellent value for money considering how long it took to clean data manually. I use the system for both intelligence and evidential purposes and it allows me to have much more confidence in the data that I am using.


North Yorkshire Police

Thanks for your help with the new pivot filter query It works perfectly now. You have saved me hours if not days of fiddly work, brilliant.


Metropolitan Police

The response time is great with staff easy to communicate with. Any issues that I have come across have been quickly resolved.


North Yorkshire Police

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