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Why Use the Missing Person Report in CSAS?

With around 170,000 people reported missing each year across the UK, responding to the increasing number of MISPERs takes up a considerable amount of time and resource in overstretched forces.

Within CSAS we have the tools you need to help you to track down a missing person quickly and efficiently, allowing our customers to make the best use of that critical 72 hours.

Our Missing Person report rapidly processes the data, significantly reducing the time needed to analyse the data through automation.

The report itself can be generated within two minutes of receiving the raw call data, allowing users to get a copy of the report in either PDF or XLSX, making it easy to email to frontline officers, allowing them to allocate tasks swiftly in the crucial early stages of a missing persons investigation.

The CSAS missing person report provides a wealth of vital information and visual mapping, making the report easy to understand. We are aware of the report being beneficial in Mountain Rescue, in child protection cases and manhunt situations.

It has been proven by our customers that not only does the report assist in locating a missing person, but it also significantly decreases the time and resource needed to analyse the data, particularly where there is a high risk to the person’s safety.

For more information on the Missing Person report you can read the guides in Forensic Analytics Customer Portal.

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