The 5WH of Wi-Fi: Unravelling the data trail

  • New course
  • 1 day
  • Trainers:
    June Woodland
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With the proliferation of smart devices in the UK, the way we use our phones has changed significantly – for example SMS usage is dropping year by year and the use of OTT (over the top) messaging apps has become commonplace. According to a report published by Ofcom – Mobile Matters 2021, nearly three-quarters of data connections were made over Wi-Fi rather than a mobile network. Wi-Fi generated data is an integral part of modern communications data analysis and an understanding of wireless networks is extremely relevant to investigators and analysts.

This course has been designed to improve awareness and knowledge of wireless networks by providing an understanding of the underpinning theory and concepts of typical wireless architecture and an exploration of the relevance and value of Wi-Fi generated data to investigative environments. Instruction is given on IP addressing, reserved/private IP addressing ranges, DHCP logs, use of the WHOIS lookup, MAC addressing, and probe/beacon requests. Delegates will explore the role of the Wi-Fi service providers and how and why they record and retain data generated by use of their service. They will also undertake exercises that offer practical experience of the concepts and techniques required to correctly interpret this data type and in order to exploit investigative leads.

The course has been designed and is delivered by an acknowledged subject matter expert in the Wi-Fi arena with an extensive law enforcement background.


Highly recommended
• CDR Processing and Interpretation FA215 and
• Next Generation Comms Data Analysis FA217 or 
• Equivalent experience of CDR processing, interpretation, and analysis is desirable.