CSAS v2 e-Learning

  • At students' own pace

Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS) cleanses, simplifies, combines, analyses and visualises complex data sets instantly, saving crucial time during investigations and providing fast access to data insights; and for those working on real-time cases, swift operational decisions can be made when time is of the essence.

This course has been designed to improve knowledge and confidence in the use of CSAS v2, by providing a comprehensive exploration of the essential features and functionality of the software. Instruction is given on creating a new case and importing different digital formats, attributing target entities to end users, viewing the contents of source files, visualising geographical data on a map, using the analytics to extract meaning from digital formats and creating evidential and investigative call schedules.

This course is delivered 100% online, and the theory is supported by knowledge checks and practical exercises which, using remote access to CSAS, will cement the key learning points.

Completion of the course results in certified user status for the software.