CSAS v2 Advanced User

  • 3 days or 5 half days
  • Trainers:
    Susie Baldison,
    Andrew Fahey,
    Jenna Holloway
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Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS) cleanses, simplifies, combines, analyses and visualises complex data sets instantly, saving crucial time during investigations and providing fast access to data insights; and for those working on real-time cases, swift operational decisions can be made when time is of the essence.

This course is designed to enhance confidence and knowledge in the use of CSAS to an advanced level by providing a complete and detailed instruction of the deeper functionality of the software, so that it can be utilised to its fullest potential to interpret digital formats in operational environments. Instruction is given on all features and functionalities, such as the troubleshooting unrecognised digital formats, interpreting the visual parser/cleansing process, interpreting complex analytics such as the county line valuation and viewing multiple different digital formats in the advanced data browser and managing time offsets between events on handset / SIM card downloads and call detail records (CDRs). The theory is supported by exercises that offer practical experience of applying the concepts and techniques required to progress an investigation using CSAS.

This course has been developed and is delivered by former Intelligence Analysts with backgrounds in criminal investigation and with extensive experience of using CSAS within operational environments.

Completion of the course results in certified user status for the software.

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