CDAN Nexus


The CSAS server product range includes CDAN (Communications Data Automated Normalisation), Indexer and CSAS on Demand (also known as Decypher).

CDAN and Indexer offer scalable automated data cleansing and reporting for investigators or analysts requiring immediate intel from forward facing or historic comms data silos. Indexer indexes databases of call detail records (CDR), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) and handset download data to facilitate force-wide or national searches of the data for common identifiers and attributions.

CDAN (Communications Data Automated Normalisation)

The field-proven data processing technologies driving CSAS Desktop have been further developed to create CDAN (Communications Data Automated Normalisation).

CDAN wraps data cleansing and normalisation functions in a set of fully automated processes that ingest, process and output communications data without the need for an operator.

CDAN’s Analytical Summary Report provides critical intelligence that can be used immediately by front-line investigators without needing to wait for an analyst to be assigned to their case.

Key Features and Benefits

    • ~ Automatic recognition and cleansing of over 155 data formats
    • ~ Creation of normalised call schedules and analytical summary reports
    • ~ Can be securely deployed to automatically process data as it arrives
    • ~ Shares a common normalisation function with CSAS Desktop
    • ~ Adds over 95% operational efficiency to communications data processing

Outputs Options

  • ~ Standard call schedule and analytical report
  • ~ Machine-readable output (e.g. .dat)
  • ~ Output directly into other proprietary software
  • ~ Bespoke output report to suit your requirements
  • ~ Indexed data (see below)
CDAN Inputs and Outputs

CDAN Indexer

This optional addition to CDAN can be set to automatically work through a historical store of data files and normalise them into usable intelligence. A ‘query tool’ function allows investigators to find links and patterns that may not previously have been visible.

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CSAS on Demand ~ Decypher

Our industry-leading CSAS Desktop and CDAN products (above) are supplied as installable applications that run on a customer’s PCs or servers. We recognise that not every organisation will want to go through the process of installing and updating software, and undertaking specialist training. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Blue Lights Digital, experts in digital investigations and open source intelligence, to offer a secure, cloud-based alternative.

Decypher, hosted by Blue Lights Digital offers ‘CSAS on demand’ – an immediate, pay-as-you-go solution that allows users to access the data cleansing features of CSAS via a browser.

The service is deployed on a secure, Home Office approved platform that offers high speed and high availability. No data is stored in the system, as soon as a file is processed the source data is destroyed and the output reports are passed back to the user.

Decypher’s powerful platform allows periodic users of comms data to gain access to cleansed data and summary analytical reports without making a long term financial commitment to purchase our software.

Key Features and Benefits

    • ~ Secure Hosted Cloud with instant data cleansing and reporting
    • ~ Software as a Service (SAAS): browser based with no hardware or software
    • ~ Secure: official – sensitive and GDPR compliant with no data stored
    • ~ Massive scalability: can be scaled regionally or nationally
    • ~ Pay as You Go: pay on demand or by account-based billing


  • If you want comms data cleansing immediately on tap and no longer wish to have to write business cases, maintain hardware on site, wrestle with IT and procurement – welcome aboard!

Product Comparison Table


Customer Type

Law Enforcement Agency
Individual Telecoms Analysts  
SPoCs, central comms data units   
Front-line response teams   
Regional/National intelligence hubs    
Private Sector Organisations
Cell Site Experts   
Law firms, solicitors, barristers, advocates, attorneys  
Fraud prevention, fraud management teams  
Corporate compliance, internal investigations, risk management teams  
Telecoms providers