Developed by cell site analysis professionals, CSAS Desktop is designed to process, query, present and output mobile phone call records and other forms of communications data.

This powerful software recognises and cleanses over 155 UK and international Call Data Records (CDRs) and communications data formats at a rate of around 1,000 calls per second.

CSAS is evidential, with a full audit log and our unique ‘visual parser’ to explain exactly how the data has been processed, providing full transparency and peace of mind for users.

Key Features

  • ~ Call Data Record (CDR) cleansing and processing
  • ~ Cell site data mapping
  • ~ Cell site data analysis
  • ~ Radio survey results processing
  • ~ Full audit history
  • ~ Court-ready call schedules

CSAS can process the following data formats: cellular CDRs, landline CDRs, international gateway/interconnect CDRs, cell dumps, ANPR logs, Wifi session logs, handset downloads and ad hoc geo data.

Key Benefits

      • Evidential ~ provides a comprehensive audit log of rules applied and action taken, giving users full confidence to use CSAS data in court
      • Productive ~ users report productivity gains of between 40-75% and this valuable time saved means that CSAS pays for itself within a few months.
      • Flexible ~ built to be quickly and easily updated, CSAS can respond to new or altered source data formats on request
      • Simple ~ our software is intuitive and so user-friendly that typical initial user training takes just half a day
      • Trusted ~ CSAS is trusted by some of the largest police forces and agencies in the UK because of its accuracy and reliability

Optional Extras

Radio Frequency (RF) Survey Module

CSAS (Cell Site Analysis Suite) is complimented by the specialist Radio Frequency (RF) Survey Module. This is the only tool currently available that comprehensively processes and maps the outputs from Radio Frequency Propagation Survey devices such as Nemo™, CSurv™ and Forensic Compass.™ The RF Survey Module defines the outputs by technology e.g 2G, GSM, 3G and 4G, and by Network. It processes and maps location, route and coverage surveys.

With RF Surveys now a critical part of crime scene preservation, the ability to correlate the cell site evidence (upon which an evidential proposition relies) with the cell site footprint at the time of the incident is considered best practice. The RF Survey Module provides increased efficiency and accuracy for radio survey engineers involved in cell site mapping for digital forensic crime scene preservation. RF Survey evidence can then be used in conjunction with mobile phone billing records (which contain details of the cells used to carry each call) in an attempt to determine the potential location of ‘subject’ mobile phones when particular calls were made.

CSAS Collaboration Server

Our software can also be supplemented with the CSAS Collaboration Server, which provides a central case backup and sharing facility and also supports the provision of concurrent or ‘floating’ licences, allowing members of the same team to share cases in a cost-effective way.

Find out more about CSAS Server solutions

CSAS Configuration Options

This proven technology enables analysts to produce reliable, court ready exhibits in a fraction of the time of traditional or competitor methods and is trusted by more than 30 UK Law Enforcement Agencies and organisations world-wide.

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Product Comparison Table


Customer Type

Law Enforcement Agency
Individual Telecoms Analysts  
SPoCs, central comms data units   
Front-line response teams   
Regional/National intelligence hubs    
Private Sector Organisations
Cell Site Experts   
Law firms, solicitors, barristers, advocates, attorneys  
Fraud prevention, fraud management teams  
Corporate compliance, internal investigations, risk management teams  
Telecoms providers