CSAS – the Cell Site Analysis Suite

The ultimate communications data cleansing, analytics and mapping tool, CSAS is fast, accurate software that delivers an unrivalled, evidential solution for investigators.

Designed by experts in cell site analysis to automate and streamline workloads, the CSAS family of products includes a range of integrated modules to suit your needs:

1. CSAS Desktop
– Radio Frequency (RF) Survey Module
– CSAS Collaboration Server
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2. CSAS Server
– CDAN Indexer
– CDAN Dashboard
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– CSAS on Demand / Decypher (cloud-based service offered with Blue Lights Digital)
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4. CSAS Parsing API
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CSAS and CDAN Modules
CSAS Brochure

Download this handy A5 pdf guide to the CSAS, CDAN and Indexer product family.