CSAS V3 is about to get better - video still

CSAS V3 just got even better

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of CSAS V3 has been released today. CSAS V3.9 has enhanced functionality and new features which will transform your work, allowing your team to collaborate with colleagues on more cases in real time.

CSAS V3.9 will help you work faster and smarter to solve problems and save lives.

We have worked closely with i2 to create a powerful new integration with i2 Analyst’s Notebook which gives you the ability to perform advanced link analysis on CSAS data sets seamlessly.

Additionally, users will be able to:

  • Visualise all your data and mapping on a single screen in Case Hub
  • Choose from standardised templates, fast time reports or build bespoke report templates in Case Outputs
  • Custom Pivot Tables allow you to speedily deal with non-standard queries
  • Enhanced NMPR integration makes it quicker and easier to look up device identifiers like IMEIs
  • GPS Receiver Data can now be ingested directly into Case Hub supporting specialist teams including those working on mispers and manhunts
  • The Unified Side Bar gives you the power to define what you see, how you see it and how you export it
  • First Call Last Call now includes inactivity periods which fall outside normal daily patterns with no AM/PM restrictions
  • Colocation Queries provide an indication of the times when mobile devices and/or vehicles could be located within a defined area or could have been within a defined distance of a case location
  • Identifier Search – The ‘Search’ pane allows you to quickly search, within all Cases that a user has permission to access, for different types of Identifiers including MSISDN, IMEI, IMSI, VRM, attribution name and Cell ID

Luke Morgan, Chief Technology Officer at Forensic Analytics said: “CSAS V3 is already providing a step change in delivering critical capabilities to analysts and the front line. Our new platform, unlike others, enables Forensic Analytics to continuously release and evolve our solutions to stay one step ahead in all forms of criminality. Version 3.9 adds significant value in tackling the most complex crimes in this country with new partner integrations, analytics and enhanced user experiences.”

Helping you make the most of CSAS V3

We have begun migrating our customers across to V3. If you don’t know when you are moving please contact your Account Manager. Moving to CSAS V3 will be free and simple, and you’ll have a dedicated team to help you. Conversion training for all current users is included as part of your migration delivered through trainer-led online boot camps and e-learning.