CSAS V3.12.1 is here and getting you to your answers quicker than ever before

We are delighted to announce that the latest version of CSAS V3 has been released. CSAS V3.12.1 gets you to your answers quicker than ever before, boasting huge speed improvements in both parsing and analytics when handling vast quantities of data.

CSAS V3.12.1 will parse a million rows of data and have them ready for analysis in less than half the time it would have taken in V2, allowing faster hypothesis testing, identification of Fast Track Actions and Main Lines of Enquiry and the production of intelligence and evidential products.

You asked, we answered: Speed and Quality

Our customers regularly tell us of the data challenges they face. The constant increase in volumes and variety of data in cases means investigations rely not only on the speed but also on the quality of data extractions more than ever.

So, we are really pleased that in V3.12.1 the parser introduces 35 new formats out of the box in addition to over 100 parsing improvements to existing formats such as Sky, 5G Cell ID Support, Vodafone and more.

The Visual Parser ensures that CSAS continues to be a powerful evidential tool displaying the rules which have been applied to Call Data Records and other data sets, this will become increasingly important as we all move towards compliance with the FSR Code of Practice. In V3.12.1 this has been expanded to include .zip files (e.g. Encrochat) and .txt files.


Thanks to advancements in displaying 4G cells in the eCGI format, CSAS V3.12.1 significantly improves the results of CellView queries, adding accuracy and precision to coverage areas which can be hugely important in threat to life situations.

What else is new: Simple and Secure

CSAS V3 is simpler to use and navigate and a large amount of usability issues have been addressed in 3.12.1 with enhancements to mapping, file importing, application navigation and UI consistency.

Improvements have also been made to Handset Downloads, CSAS V3.12 can now fully process MSAB XRY file formats and BLD Odyssey files. This provides the ability to overlay mobile device data with hundreds of other formats to accelerate investigative outcomes.

CSAS V3.12.1 also offers best in class security, speed, and platform capability having moved to the latest .Net 7 framework. AVD Deployments significantly reduce the time to value of our CSAS platform with Azure AVD deployments and Intune. This substantially cuts deployment complexity, timescales and cost of ownership whilst conforming to force policies.

Missed our latest CSAS V3 User Clinics with Joe Hoy and Will Metters?

Our founder Joe Hoy recently presented a full User Clinic on the features and enhancements in CSAS V3.12 and Will Metters took a deep dive into the parsing improvements and cell confidence. If you missed them, both are now available to view in our Customer Portal HERE.


To find out more about CSAS V3 today, please contact your Account Manager or visit forensicanalytics.co.uk