Cell Site Analysis

Cell Site Analysis seeks to determine where a mobile device could have been located when particular calls, text or data transactions were made.  It is a vital investigative technique and is used extensively by both the prosecution and defence in cases that relate to serious crimes.

Our well-respected cell site team have been working together since 2005 and have extensive experience in a wide range of activities from report writing, to forensic Radio Frequency (RF) surveys to court presentations. We provide services to UK police forces and also to the independent sector, working on both prosecution and defence cases.

Our full-service cell site capability offers:

  • ~ Initial consultations – to see whether a case would benefit from cell site analysis
  • ~ Information gathering – helping to build the information necessary to create a cell site report
  • ~ Report writing – compiling a report that uses cell site evidence to test the allegations being made in a case and presenting it in simple to understand language
  • ~ Forensic Radio Frequency (RF) surveys – our highly experienced RF surveyors are available to undertake surveys in support of our cell site reports, we also offer an outsourced RF survey service for police forces and other organisations
  • ~ Court presentations – building call schedules, mapping presentations and other products that can help a jury to understand the facts in a case
  • ~ Expert witnesses – our cases are presented in court by experienced, acknowledged and respected experts

Contact us to discuss your cell site analysis and forensic RF survey requirements.