CDAN Indexer

CDAN Indexer used to help shut down a county line

CDAN Indexer, our automatic comms data and phone download solution, played a significant role in shutting down a county drug line earlier this month.

Kent Police used CDAN Indexer to uncover a huge amount of previously buried intel that was then used in support of their application for DDTRO (Drug Device Telephone Restriction Order); the additional information uncovered using CDAN Indexer allowed the officers in the case to increase the witness statement that supported their application from 11 to 28 pages of evidence.

CDAN Indexer has so far been the only solution able to achieve this level of operational support as part of a multi-force initiative around digital forensic indexing.

The DI leading the CDAN Indexer trial for Kent Police said: “In the past we had no way of accessing this data and even if there had been a way, it would have taken hours and probably days to go through it with an analyst. I can now literally run a search across all of my legacy data in seconds”

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