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UK Cellular Frequency Allocations update

Well, there’s been a longer than usual gap between our UK Cellular Spectrum updates and whilst we (hopefully) are getting towards the tail-end of one of the most extraordinary periods in history with the global pandemic Forensic Analytics Ltd has seen enormous change and growth as well.

The UK mobile networks have been active in their spectrum deployments and with the latest auction completion we have seen further reorganisation. As you may have seen 3Mobile allocated all their recently acquired 700MHz spectrum to 4G (LTE) on EARFCN 9360 whilst EE opted for 5G (NR) only on NRARFCN 156510 with theirs. O2 also launched on 700MHz NR recently with a NRARFCN of 152210.

Vodafone is undergoing some reorganisation which sees reconfiguration of its 2G (GSM) channels. In doing so they moved their second 3G (UMTS) carrier up the spectrum becoming UARFCN 3012, although this is likely to be short-lived as a result of LTE refarm.

Vodafone also launched LTE NR DSS (Dynamic Spectrum Sharing) on 2100MHz and we have recorded this in the wild on n78 as part of our own R&D into NR standalone capability with LIMA Cell Monitor, which was really cool in a very nerdy way!

Anyway, please enjoy this latest instalment of spectral updates, and for those that have asked the new Glance Guides will be hot on their heels as well.

As ever, our thanks go to Dr Peter Clarke for his assistance and especially to all of you out there for your input, interest and awesome work.

Stay safe – Darran and the Forensic Analytics team.

UK Cellular Frequency Allocations v15 Sept 2021 v3

UK Frequency Allocations v15 Sept 2021 v3

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