Trace and Locate with CSAS v2 – FA442-2

  • New course
  • 2 days
  • £900 + VAT
  • Trainers:
    Susie Baldison,
    June Woodland
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Accurate operational analysis using a variety of data sources underpins effective decision making and has the power of driving an investigation forward.

This course has been designed to enhance skills associated with the operational use of CSAS to gain analytical and investigative insights to drive effective recommendations and decision-making. The course provides an in-depth exploration of a variety of digital formats and associated analysis methods, both in theory and in practice, to give an awareness of the investigative benefits that the digital formats can provide. Instruction is given on different file types including the meaning and relevance of the columns and fields contained therein and, using CSAS, making effective recommendations that will inform real time operational and tactical decision making. Current call detail record (CDRs) (including device data records and mobile data events), automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), telematics, public Wi-Fi, and over the top mobile application (OTT) disclosures examined in detail. The course is delivered using explanatory trainer-led sessions imbedded in a scenario-based exercise designed to replicate the urgency of a real time investigation.

This course has been developed and is delivered by former Intelligence Analysts with backgrounds in criminal investigation and with extensive experience of using CSAS within operational environments.


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