Investigation Management with CSAS – FA443-2

  • New course
  • Half a day
  • £250 + VAT
  • Trainers:
    Jenna Holloway,
    Melanie Lamb,
    Scott Fitzmaurice
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This new course provides an overview of how communications data analysis can be used in investigations and provides guidance on producing evidential products and statements using outputs and analytics in CSAS.

Delegates are instructed in a selection of key analytics functions through to the creation of evidential statements that refer to commonly used analytical queries via CSAS, and the production and presentation of exhibits.

Learn how to produce investigative communications data analysis MG11, map and evidential standard exhibits.
Learn how to produce evidential products, charts, schedules and mapping via CSAS.
Receive advice on appropriate wording, redaction, disclosure, and understand the parameters of what can and cannot be said in evidence.