CSAS for Investigators and Analysts – FA435-2

  • 2 days
  • £900 + VAT
  • Trainers:
    Ian Stanway,
    Melanie Lamb,
    June Woodland,
    Brian Connor,
    Jenna Holloway,
    Susie Baldison,
    Andrew Fahey,
    Darran Fletcher,
    Dave Cutts
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Cell Site Analysis Suite (CSAS) cleanses, simplifies, combines, analyses and visualises complex data sets instantly, saving crucial time during investigations and providing fast access to data insights; and for those working on real-time cases, swift operational decisions can be made when time is of the essence.

This course has been designed to improve operational understanding of basic communications data concepts and use of CSAS to gain investigative leads through a blended learning experience. Instruction is given on the meaning and relevance of call detail record (CDR) fields, how they can be used to interpret the data and the investigative benefits that an understanding of the data can provide. In order to fully convey the operational utility of CSAS, instruction is given on the main features of CSAS during three scenario-based exercises, which demonstrate how to apply and utilise the main functions of CSAS to interpret communications data to inform effective decision making and drive different types of investigations forward.

This course has been developed and is delivered by former Intelligence Analysts with backgrounds in criminal investigation and with extensive experience of using CSAS within operational environments.

Accredited by City & Guilds, this course offers an externally recognised qualification. Completion of the course also results in certified user status for the software.