CSAS Parsing Api

Parsing or ‘cleansing’ sites at the heart of what our CSAS Desktop and CSAS Server suite of products do. Our understanding of communications data formats and how to process them is what sets us apart.

Our unique capability is available to licence by other software providers, allowing you to incorporate our industry-leading data parsing technologies into your own solutions.

The CSAS Parsing API is a set of executables that can be incorporated into third party products, which can then be communicated with via a defined interface.

The third-party application provides the user interface and controls interactions with users while the Parsing API sits in the background parsing received comms data files and returning a cleansed, and normalised and structured version of the data back to the host application.

Developing a parsing solution from the ground up is costly, time consuming and error prone (we know, we’ve done it!) but that capability is available immediately as a simple plug-in and at a much lower cost with our Parsing API.

If you supply or are developing an application that could be enhanced by adding comms data (or Wifi, ANPR or handset download) cleansing capability to it, then get in touch and find out how we can help you to differentiate yourself in the market.

Product Comparison Table


Customer Type

CSAS Desktop CSAS Parsing API CDAN
Law Enforcement Agency
Individual Telecoms Analysts    
SPoCs, central comms data units      
Front-line response teams      
Regional/National intelligence hubs        
Private Sector Organisations
Cell Site Experts      
Law firms, solicitors, barristers, advocates, attorneys    
Fraud prevention, fraud management teams    
Corporate compliance, internal investigations, risk management teams    
Telecoms providers