Introducing FA Training’s June Woodland

At Forensic Analytics our team is drawn from a background of policing, telecoms, cellular and RF engineering, and the military bringing together the best in their fields to ensure that our clients can benefit from their advanced expertise.

We’ve trained thousands of police investigators and Intelligence Analysts, and our clients depend on us for evidential excellence when it comes to forensic reports and outputs they can feel confident in.

It is a relationship built on trust and integrity, and we’re constantly innovating and adding to our team to deliver advanced expertise and capabilities to stay one step ahead of the ever-increasing digital ingenuity of criminals.

One of those experts is June Woodland who joined Forensic Analytics as a Trainer last year. In addition to presenting some of the existing portfolio of courses, she is busy designing and presenting new courses focusing on Wi-Fi, IoT, and communications data awareness. She is on a mission to create awareness of how digital data can enhance investigations, demystify the internet, and give our customers the confidence to apply for the relevant data.

“In 2000, I joined West Mercia as an IT trainer and for the first year – my role was to train on the Police National Computer (PNC).  I found that I loved working in this environment and then out of the blue – I received a phone call asking me that ‘as I knew a bit about the internet’ – would I like to get involved in designing, writing, and presenting a weeklong module for the Single Point of Contact Staff,” explains June.

“A very steep learning curve then ensued – which involved me meeting with the FBI, industry behemoths such as Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Freeserve (remember any of these??!!).  The course was a success and ran for 10 years at West Mercia – with at least 700 SPOCs passing through my tender, loving care – before being taken over by the College of Policing.

“When not training, I was building relationships with industry and was lucky enough to spend time with many of the service providers that we know and love today. I was also very fortunate that many of my SPOCs became close personal friends and kept in contact with me.”

After leaving West Mercia, June joined the DCG Futures Group. Whilst in the Futures Group, she produced numerous research papers and presentations, formed relationships with industry, and assisted with the production of the ICDDF conference

“I was lucky to be working with Will Metters, Andy Beet, Jo Symonds and Steve Gardner and my main role was to foster industry relationships but also to research and document communications data available from either hardware or software.  Therefore, my office was full of all forms of gadgetry and cabling.  You would also find me at many locations performing device testing and generating call data – it’s a wonder that I’ve never been arrested for lurking with intent!”

The decommissioning of the DGC Futures Group was good news for Forensic Analytics as June decided to join us as a trainer.

“Learning about the role of the analyst was new to me; I had always worked on the data acquisition side of business, but I love the challenge, have learned lots and enjoy making a difference to the jobs of a broader range of LE professionals.

“Although loving learning new skills, I still find the Internet amazing and every day is a school day – just the basic functionality of a packet switched network is still totally awesome and as we move into a new era of AI, IoT – I never cease to be amazed and meeting the people who make this all possible is such a privilege.”

If this resonates with you, let’s discuss.