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How to use CSAS in stalking or harassment cases

Scott Fitzmaurice is a former Detective Inspector with Essex Police.  Now working with Forensic Analytics, here he explores how our CSAS solution could be deployed in a stalking or harassment case.

A question that I have been asked this week:

How is communication data analysis via CSAS going to help with a stalking or harassment case?

Well using CSAS within minutes you can:

⭐️ Process lawfully acquired communications data and other key data sets within minutes
⭐️ Corroborate the victim(s)/witness account(s)
⭐️ Evidence the movement(s) of the perpetrator(s) and map this instantly
⭐️ Evidence instances/volume of contact
⭐️ Identify key evidence to recover
⭐️ Identify key locations
⭐️ Evidence a course of conduct & patterns of behaviour
⭐️ Increase likelihood of a positive outcome
⭐️ Support application for Civil Orders
⭐️ Improve victim(s) confidence
⭐️ Bring offender(s) to justice

It’s not just ‘one word against another’. I have always hated this reference and it is not a reason to take no action.

Adding all of the above to go with a victim’s or witness’ account means that they can see that they are not alone providing all the key evidence.

CSAS empowers the investigator to produce this work to an evidential standard quickly, efficiently and with access to expert training and support throughout.

Wait MINUTES and not MONTHS for the evidence.

Once I understood the above, it made me a better Detective. I locked up a lot of harmful people and protected many vulnerable persons.

If this resonates with you, let’s discuss.