GPRS Conclusions – Overview

The billing data for GPRS and other forms of mobile Internet can be notoriously complex to interpret and draw reliable conclusions from.

We’ve been publishing a guide to ‘GPRS Billing’ for several years now (available for download from our support site) and have updated as we learn new things about this tricky form of evidence.

We were recently asked to create a ‘boiled down’ version of the advice we provide in the full guide, so we’ve now published a more concise ‘aide memoire’ type document to summarise the suggested conclusions and the reasons why they different for different operators. We were also asked to provide a simple overview of why mobile data CDRs sometimes appear to contain records for concurrent data sessions and to explain why this is isn’t necessarily an indication that there’s something wrong with data in the CDR.

All of this has been published in our new guide ‘0319-BRF GPRS Mobile Data Conclusions v1.1’ which even has a handy ‘cut out & keep’ page at the back so you can keep a copy of the suggested conclusions close at hand when writing statements and reports.

The whole topic of GPRS/mobile data billing is covered in great detail on our Next Generation Comms Data course, which has just been made available as an online, webinar-based course, so if this in an area that you struggle with and the guides we’ve published don’t give you enough information , you might want to consider booking a seat on the Next Gen Course as well.

As ever, please get in touch if you have any questions about the content of the GPRS guides or about GPRS billing in general via

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