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Glance Guide v15

Darran Fletcher, RF and Cell Site Specialist has produced the latest Glance Guides for practitioners.

We are pleased to share the latest Glance Guide v15. Darran has given a long overdue lick of paint to the Glance Guides and some of you have been more impatient than others for this release! In fact, they’ve needed more than just aesthetic tweaks because the MNOs have been buying up and deploying new spectrum.

As a result, it would make sense to break the guide out into technologies with associated channel range lookups to assist your analysis and RF survey planning. Those all-important PSC and PCI commonalities along with the E/U/ARFCNs can be spotted so much more easily now with LIMA cell monitor in the rich datasets it produces and so the feedback from the delegates on those courses we have delivered has also helped me shape the look of the new guide.

Please click here to download Glance Guide v15

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