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Glance Guide Q3 2020

In April Darran Fletcher retired from Notts Police having completed 30 years service and joined us at Forensic Analytics as RF & Cellular Specialist. One of his work strands includes keeping you all up to date with the quarterly cellular frequency bulletins (released quarterly) and Glance Guides for practitioners.

We are pleased to share the latest Glance Guide. Most of the updates on this version concern developments in LTE. It has been spotted that both O2 and Vodafone have been busy adding sectors for capacity making most of their bands six sector. Not only has this occurred but due to both MNOs’ site sharing arrangements we have seen O2 hosting elements on Vodafone sites and vice versa. It is hoped this is made clear on the second slide of the guide with the shading, for which there is a key.

Another difference you will see on this is that the eNb black triangle and the sector arrows has been deleted. This is due to the fact that it is no longer as simple as the previous diagram made out. Variables exist between MNOs and the patterns of the sectors don’t always follow therefore our advice is to check the EARFCN range of a surveyed cell to accurately determine its band.

As usual, please keep us up to date with any changes you are seeing as you survey.

Please click here to download Glance Guide Q3 2020

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