Forensic Analytics announces cloud partnership

Forensic Analytics announces cloud partnership with Sungard Availability Services and Amazon Web Services

The move marks a historic moment that will revolutionise how tech is used by UK police forces. We are thrilled to announce that we are partnering with Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to take our technology to the Cloud.

The move marks a historic moment in how our unique forensic software works in the fight against crime and will allow us to work in parallel with Sungard AS to deliver solutions in a faster, efficient, highly secure, and cost-effective manner.

This will be achieved by combining Forensic Analytics’ experience with Sungard AS’s 40 years of experience in IT resilience and availability. This partnership, coupled with the use of AWS technology, will provide our customers with highly available, secure, resilient Cloud infrastructure.

The key differentiator in delivering this switch to the cloud is Sungard AS’s fully-accredited ‘UK Sovereign Cloud Service’, which was purposely built to support high-security government requirements across a variety of cloud delivery models. The company has extensive experience of working with policing and government organisations, delivering both ‘official’ and ‘official sensitive’ accredited solutions.

It will be combined with our unique Cell Site Analysis Software (CSAS) which allows users to visualise and simplify complex data to an evidential standard in rapid speed.

As a result, this partnership will be a revolutionary game changer for UK policing, enabling officers and analysts through digital – a key strategy for the UK police moving forwards. The agility and assurance of mission-critical digital forensic solutions delivered in the Cloud will allow police to be equipped with the right knowledge, skills and tools to deal with increasingly complex crimes more quickly and efficiently, run on secure and resilient platforms with the required governance embedded into the infrastructure to ensure systems and data are protected and always available.

Our Chief Executive, Steve Rick, said:

“Together with Sungard AS and AWS, we are on the threshold of revolutionising digital forensics in the UK, and indeed around the world. We will harness their power in a way that aids not only greater access to these technologies, but also the delivery of more precise, more targeted proactive policing approaches and early interventions. The cloud will speed up processes to a whole new level, freeing up resources for police forces around the country, leading to quicker resolutions in court cases and potentially saving the taxpayer millions of pounds. The future thanks to this partnership is looking very, very good for law enforcement,”

Chris Huggett, Senior Vice President, EMEA and India, Sungard AS, said:

“A key concern for UK Policing and Government when moving to the Cloud is security. It is important that customers feel their systems, data and reputation are secured and protected in a resilient IT environment. As partners, we will apply the knowledge and experience gained by delivering Critical National Policing Infrastructure to underpin and accelerate Forensic Analytics’ Cloud strategy.”

 If you’re a CSAS user or would like to talk to a member of the Forensic Analytics team about upcoming Cloud deployment, please contact us – we’re eager to talk about the opportunities that this new partnership will open up.