Digital Data Awareness Training

Our new Digital Data Awareness Training course is now available, taking students through the range of digital opportunities that now present themselves to investigations, including Smart Thermostats, Activity Trackers, and Apps, Smart Speakers, Wi-Fi data, ANPR, and CCTV. Designed to raise awareness and empower investigators and analysts with the knowledge and skills to identify and interpret digital leads in modern investigations.

Interpreting GPRS Billing Workshop

In the last year we have been instrumental in the sponsoring of new academic research on the subject of the evidential value of GPRS data. We have used this work and the benefit of the team’s decades of experience in telecommunications to publish reference documents on the subject and to write and deliver our own GPRS course for UK Law Enforcement. Since January this year, nearly 300 practitioners have registered for this training with us, and spaces are filling up fast for bookings over the next six months.

Interpreting EncroChat Data

Since the infiltration of Encrochat by International Law enforcement and the demise of the tool in June 2020, the number of cases involving data from Encrochat devices and comms has had a significant impact on the workload of investigators and analysts all over the country. Our new course on Encrochat will empower you to analyse the data from these devices and associated CDRs with confidence. The course explains the architecture of the system as it was configured, goes into detail on the nature of the data files, and shows you how to interpret and make best use of Encrochat digital evidence.

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