CSAS v2.5 with Intel Mode

CSAS v2.5 with new Intel Mode

The release of CSAS Desktop v2.5 brings law enforcement agencies innovative new functionality including:

Intel Mode: a game-changing additional option for extracting additional events from source data in a coherent and robust manner

– New ‘send to map’ options in Data Browser and Analytics

– Collaboration Server updates facilitating case and client name changes for uploaded cases

– More than 50 new and improved mapping features

– Multiple additional features in CSAS Mapping

This updated version is available to existing users through our support portal at http://csas.support | CSAS Support: 0800 158 3830 | support@fa.minkidesign.com

If you would like to see CSAS v2.5 in action, book your free, no obligation demo: 0800 158 3830 | info@fa.minkidesign.com