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CSAS RF Survey v1.4.0 has unrivalled functionality

CSAS RF Survey v1.4.0 is now available. This is a major release bringing extra functionality and support for additional survey data types.

Highlights of this release include:

• Confirming our status as a QRC Authorised Integrator, we can announce support for QRC survey data from their ICS device. Now 2G, 3G and 4G data can be imported, processed, summarised and mapped as easily as the other types of data that CSAS supports – CSurv, Forensic Compass, NEMO, Rohde & Schwartz, Smith Myers. Fast, accurate imports of QRC data can be mapped and analysed in unrivalled detail using the most powerful and market-leading RF Survey processing tool.

• RF data ‘rescue format’ – import RF data into CSAS even if the source device or format isn’t supported. The rescue format can also be used as a template for the output format from a user’s own RF Survey database, so data can be output to be viewed, analysed and mapped.

• Improvements to ‘cell visualisation’ to make it easier to choose the most relevant cells to map.

• Incorporates the latest version of CSAS Mapping, bringing a host of new features.

This updated version is available to existing users through our support portal at http://csas.support | CSAS Support: 0800 158 3830 | support@fa.minkidesign.com

If you would like to see CSAS RF Survey in action, book your free, no obligation demo: 0800 158 3830 | info@fa.minkidesign.com