CSAS Find – Coming Soon

As the first offering of our CSAS 360 platform, CSAS Find allows frontline officers to collaborate in real time and on the move, combining the sophistication of CSAS with a usability akin to any day-to-day app like Strava.

CSAS Find has been built in consultation with its intended user base, showcasing (but not limited to):

  • Data parsing capabilities
  • Visualising location information
  • Cell site data (including timing advance)
  • CellView coverage
  • Points of interest
  • Events
  • Travel range visualisation

Collaboration in real time

Real time collaboration is at the core of CSAS Find, enabling seamless teamwork across devices, whether accessed via mobile, tablet, or desktop.

CSAS Find will revolutionise frontline policing, empowering officers to achieve faster results and greater efficiency. It will deliver a transformation in missing person and wanted investigations – saving time and money.

CSAS Find: the power to help, is in your hands

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