testimonial 17

Excellent delivery and appropriately matched to audience. [DC Intel Office, Avon & Somerset Constabulary]

testimonial 16

Great content – courses such as this should be provided regularly. [SPOC, West Mercia Police]

testimonial 15

Should be mandatory for analysts! Thanks. [DMI / RF – West Mercia Police]

testimonial 14

Very good course, Paul was very good at explaining things that were very technical in an easy to understand and relatable way. [SPOC, Hampshire Constabulary]

testimonial 13

Very well delivered and comprehensive despite complex subject matter. [SPOC, HMRC]

testimonial 12

I wish I had this earlier in my SPOC career as I feel like I’ve been working in the dark until now. [SPOC, Northants Police]

testimonial 11

I’ve been attending SPOC CPD courses for about 6 years. I found this course very useful – especially as my primary role is DC and TLP on front line investigations, this was the best course I’ve attended for explaining CDRs. [DC/DMI, Nottinghamshire Police]

testimonial 10

I benefited enormously from this course. There was a significant amount of details presented which explained grey areas. Analysts should attend. Many thanks. [DMI SPOC, West Mercia Police]