The challenge of funding tech for UK law enforcement

Police desk

A 7 November report from the House of Commons Committee of Public Accounts on the financial sustainability of police forces in England and Wales (report pdf) concludes that the government is ‘not showing strategic leadership of the policing system’ and ‘does not have a national picture of demand for police services and so has a… Read more »

When is a lat/long not a lat/long?

Latitude and longitude

We’re all familiar with latitude and longitude coordinates – they’re spat out of satnavs and consumed by Google maps and we’ve come to trust that lat/long coordinates will always accurately pinpoint a location on the Earth; but what if there are circumstances in which lat/longs can’t be entirely trusted? In cell site analysis we use… Read more »

4G Spectrum Refarming

Cell tower

There’s been a flurry of interest in the past couple of weeks in relation to the refarming of old 2G and 3G spectrum to reuse to carry 4G services. Most of this has taken place in the old 3G/UMTS spectrum in the 2100MHz band where, as far as I can see, 3G has almost ceased… Read more »

RFPS: scanners vs test phones – which to use?


There has been an ongoing debate for several years within the UK RFPS (Radio Frequency Propagation Survey) or forensic RF survey community about the ‘best’ type of survey device to use – this simmering debate has been brought to the boil recently in a trial where the two sides (prosecution and defence) had widely divergent… Read more »