Glance Guide Q3 2020

In April Darran Fletcher retired from Notts Police having completed 30 years service and joined us at Forensic Analytics as RF & Cellular Specialist. One of his work strands includes keeping you all up to date with the quarterly cellular frequency bulletins (released quarterly) and Glance Guides for practitioners. We are pleased to share the… Read more »

Huawei – Don’t Panic in the Pandemic

The UK Government has made its long-trailed decision on the involvement of Huawei in UK comms networks – and the answer was… ‘no thanks!’. There has been an awful lot of opinion, reportage and hype on this topic over the last year, and almost all of it has highlighted the negative aspects of the decision,… Read more »

The answer is Cloud, what’s the question?

Most LEAs in the UK have formed policy in force around how digital services should be deployed, delivered, stored, shared and consumed – “Cloud First” is a Met maxim.  The use of “the cloud” and “cloud based services” and “cloud service providers” create a myriad of options and choices for the discerning LEA.  The key… Read more »

Quarterly Update – July 2020

Cell tower

Even in lockdown the expansion and upgrade of the UK’s cellular resources has continued and as we head into the Summer, here’s a round-up of what’s changed –as ever, we’ve pooled the results of our own RF survey data with updates provided by Dr Peter Clarke (of to produce this latest UK cellular spectrum… Read more »

GPRS Conclusions – Overview

Cell tower

The billing data for GPRS and other forms of mobile Internet can be notoriously complex to interpret and draw reliable conclusions from. We’ve been publishing a guide to ‘GPRS Billing’ for several years now (available for download from our support site) and have updated as we learn new things about this tricky form of evidence…. Read more »