Technical Bulletins

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0055-TRN Handling O2 4G Cell IDs v1.0.pdf 337.9Kb
0058-BRF Briefing Paper- GPRS Billing v2.3.pdf 2.3Mb
0062-BRF UK 4G Cell ID Formats v3.0.pdf 1.1Mb
0067-TRN Handling Orange 4G Cell IDs v1.0.pdf 356.6Kb
0100-BRF Stacked Cells v1.1.pdf 1Mb
0116-BRF SRVCC - 4G to 2G_3G Call Transfer v1.0.pdf 783.6Kb
0132-BRF Briefing Paper - Truncated 4G Cell IDs v1.pdf 922.5Kb
0137-TRN Understanding O2 DDRs nonLEA v1.0.pdf 1.6Mb

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