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Forensic Analytics products have been designed by experienced cell site analysis professionals - with many years cumulative analysis and expert witness experience of both prosecution and defence cases in UK Crown Courts and the Old Bailey - to assist with the day-to-day tasks that support comms data and cell site analysis.


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csas desktop

CSAS Desktop is a mature and proven technology trusted by organisations to automate the cleansing of timecritical comms data

CSAS recognises and cleanses over 120 CDR and comms data formats, typically at a rate of around 1000 calls per second

Other time-consuming aspects of comms data analysis are also automated, including creating call labels for Powerpoint presentations and creating call schedules for both intelligence and court use

CSAS Desktop is available in two editions:

  • Standard Edition – offers data cleansing, intelligence & court-ready call schedule production, basic data query tools
  • Enhanced Edition – offers the powerful CSAS Analytics query engine and the stunning CSAS Mapping module to aid the exploration and visualisation of case data . It also provides access to the optional RF Survey module, which automates the processing, summarisation and presentation of RFPS survey data

CDAN (Communications Data Automated Normalisation) takes the field-proven data processing technologies that lie at the heart of CSAS Desktop and put them into an automated solution

This can be deployed between an organisation’s comms data workflow systems and the consumers of comms data and can automatically supply normalised call schedules and ‘standard' reports for each requested comms data file as it is received. This enables the organisation to provide front line staff involved in simple cases with access to accurately processed comms data without needing to tie up an analyst to produce it, allowing the analysts to concentrate on more complex investigations

The Standard Report provides basic analytical information that can be used immediately by investigators without necessarily needing to wait for an analyst to be assigned to their case

CDAN shares a common normalisation function with CSAS Desktop and is updated automatically when new data formats are detected or when changes to the processing of existing formats are required

CDAN was formerly known as CSAS Black Box

csas collaboration server

CSAS Collaboration Server adds networked backup and case sharing to deployments of CSAS Desktop

CSAS Desktop users within an organisation can check their cases in to the server to share with others (in a controllable way) and also allows them to access those cases from any copy of CSAS Desktop elsewhere within their organisation.

csas on demand

CSAS on Demand is a secure, cloud-based solution that allows registered users to log on, upload their raw comms data and receive almost instantly a simple call schedule and a basic report. Charging is based on a Pay as you Go model but larger organisations are also able to purchase blocks of capacity.

Hosted within a government approved IL2 secure data centre, CSAS on Demand is hosted by our partner Blue Lights Digital (www.bluelightsdecypher.com) as part of their Decypher solution.


CDAN Indexer creates an indexed, searchable database of the communications identifiers – phone numbers, IMEIs, IMSIs, etc – found in the source comms data files processed by CDAN.

CDAN Indexer, supports a query tool that allows comms identifiers to be cross checked against the indexed database to discover correlations between subject phones in different cases. This can highlight links between significant individuals and devices from different cases and can help to identify previously unknown links between different groups and individuals.

CDAN Indexer is available as a ‘one off’ service (in which we deploy the solution for a limited period, index the historical data and then leave the customer with the indexed database and the query tool) and is also available as an ‘ongoing’ add on to a CDAN deployment (allowing new files to be added to the indexed database as they are received).

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CSAS Desktop & Collaboration Server

CSAS On Demand


CDAN Indexer

Law Enforcement Agency
Individual Telecoms Analysts
SPoCs, central comms data units
Front-line response teams
Regional/National intelligence hubs
Private Sector Organisations
Cell Site Experts
Law firms, solicitors, barristers, advocates, attorneys
Fraud prevention, fraud management teams
Corporate compliance, internal investigations, risk management teams
Telecoms providers